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Webinars 2023


The Multi FA appliance: the next step in CL II / CL III correction.

08.00 PM

Presented by Dr. Yoav Mazor (Israel)

The modern concepts and understanding of CL II & CL III malocclusions have been the keystone for the development of new approaches for the malocclusion correction, including in adults…

The Multi Function Appliance – Multi FA, is a unique appliance, developed specifically to match those new concepts, offering not only easy and fast malocclusion correction, but also the correction of other common situation such as space opening, closing and more.



Revolutionizing Orthodontic Treatment Planning with AI Technology

07.00 PM

Presented by Dr. Marc Geserick (Germany)

AI-based orthodontic and aligner treatment planning involves using computer algorithms and machine learning models to analyze patient data, such as dental 3D models and images, to create personalized treatment plans. These plans may include the use of clear aligners, braces, or other orthodontic appliances to correct malocclusions and improve dental health and aesthetics. The use of AI in treatment planning can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of the process, resulting in better treatment outcomes for patients.


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