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Guide to occlusion with serial extractions

Orthodontic venues seem to be focused only on how to move teeth. 

Being and orthodontist means being able to make a correct diagnosis and treatment plan, moving teeth can be done with different tools. 

Serial extraction can help in improving and sometime even solving some problems without any using any appliance at all, it is all about diagnosis and treatment planning, it is about being a specialist. 

We are so lucky to be able to offer you a fantastic webinar with one of the world leading experts of serial extractions, Dr Fabrizio Lerda, author of the book “Guida all`occlusione con estrazioni seriate”. (Guide to occlusion with serial extractions) 

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Digitisation and 3D workflows have become an indispensable part of modern orthodontics

In this webinar, Dr. Oliver Liebl will show you different ways to use digital 3D data in the daily routine of an orthodontic practice. From diagnostics to planning and fabrication of CAD/CAM appliances to finishing and retention.The Future is now ‘

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Aligner treatment: the journey from hope to honesty – Current research, case selection and treatment efficacy. 

Aligner treatment is the current hot trend in orthodontics. 
As in any hot trend, commercial interests and will to “wow” the audience seem to be more important than evidence and honesty. Dr Tony Weir is the exception to the rule: he is a private practitioner and an independent researcher who analysed a huge database of aligner cases to produce some of the most interesting, published research on aligners. The focus of his presentation is to show what can we really expect from the average aligner treatment. So, if you had enough of fairy tales, this is the webinar on aligners that you need to watch.

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PRE-PROSTHETIC TOOTH EXTRUSION: WHEN, HOW, DON’TS Wedding day or a broken incisor?

Depending on the situation, among the most dramatic events in our patients’ life is when they fracture a tooth that is diagnosed as being un-restorable and has an indication for extraction.... Entering interdisciplinarity: by good communication between the prosthodontist, patient and the orthodontist, we can steer the biology of tooth movement in order to improve the situation. Orthodontic extrusion can be a simple procedure for the orthodontist, but it’s not easy: there are some key information and rules we should be respecting for a succesful outcome. The lecture will focus on the biology and clinical protocol of orthodontic tooth extrusion, with common mistakes and solution on how to avoid them.

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