Online lezingen over het GET-concept, met voorspelbare resultaten.

Programma van 5 online cursussen van 60 minuten om het belang van de GET-techniek te begrijpen.

Of hoe maak je je behandelingen voorspelbaarder?
Lezing in het Engels - Podcast gegeven op 10 april 2020.

Het gebruik van vormgeheugenl draden, positionering van brackets en het gebruik van indirect bonding, voordelen van de GET-prescriptie.
Met Dr. Stefano Troiani, Dr. Christian Demange, Dr. Raphaël Filippi, Dr. Jean-Baptiste Pamar en Dr. Tom Onghena.

Lezing in het Engels en Frans

The 8 "must" for orthodontic preparation of surgical cases.

Orthodontic preparation of surgical cases is not only orthodontic decompensation.  It is a complex process which requires diagnostic and biomechanical know-how. While it is impossible to cram all this knowledge into a 60-minute webinar, it is possible to outline the most important points.
After attending this webinar you will be able to avoid common mistakes when approaching surgical cases.

Lezing in het Engels

Lezing met Dr. Stefano Troiani, Dr. Christian Demange, Dr. Raphaël Filippi,

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Pamar en Dr. Tom Onghena.

Lezing in het Engels en het Frans

The benefits of light therapy


FBM/LLLT in orthodontics – the next step in the evolution of the orthodontic occupation.

What are goals an orthodontist sets before starting orthodontic treatment using a bracket system? The basic ones as: to complete the treatment with planned and expected result; to finish an active orthodontic treatment as scheduled and promised to the patient; to achieve minimization or absence of various side effects of the treatment. These goals prompted us to develop and create the method of orthodontic treatment that could be used to complete all of them and to achieve a morphofunctional balance of dentofacial system. Morphofunctional diagnostics of the maxillofacial system, using modern diagnostic devices (kinesiography, electromyography, myostimulation), underlies this treatment method. 

Lezing in het Engels 

Lezing met Dr. Stefano Troiani en Dr. Raphaël Filippi.

Lezing in het Engels en het Frans

Lezing met Dr Julia Garcia Baeza en Dr. Stefano Troiani 

Lezing in het Engels


Efficient Mechanics with active self-ligation brackets: The Experience Bracket.

Getting crazy with your daily orthodontic mechanics?
In this one hour clinical lecture we will go through 10 casesshowing consistent, reproducible and efficient mechanics for all different kinds of maloclusions.

Keep it simple, get it right! “The experience Bracket”

Dr. Julia García Baeza DMD, MS, PhD.

Lezing met Pr. Michel Le Gall

Lezing in het Frans

L’originalité de la prescription TGO réside dans un sous-dimensionnement des gorges des attaches des incisives maxillaires et mandibulaires (.020"x.028") augmentant ainsi le contrôle du torque dans certaines phases stratégiques de traitement allant du nivellement, en passant par les phases de rétractions prémolaires, canines et incisives jusqu’à la correction interarcade et l’intercuspidation.


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